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Beta Betta Beta Betta Beta Betta Beta Betta Beta Betta

Beta Betta

Beta Betta


- 7 x 7 Inches
- Dated 2017
- Your piece will come gift wrapped. Each package is different!

Beta Betta is a one of a kind artwork that was created by combining hand embroidery, mesh, oil paint, fabric paint, beading and sequins on calico fabric. The back of the hoop has been left exposed.

This piece is part of my underwater series; a collection that explores the mysterious beauty of creatures that live in the ocean.

As this is a piece of art, please be very gentle when handling. Pulling on the threads may cause damage and disrupt the fabric. Please do not try and remove the piece from the hoop as it has been fastened to the wooden frame with glue.

All of my hoops can be hung by inserting a framing nail through the top clasp (this is not included with purchase).

Before making your final purchase, please familiarise yourself with my store policy page that can be found here. Thank you!