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Undergrowth Undergrowth Undergrowth Undergrowth Undergrowth




This is a one off original mixed media embroidery piece inspired by the mysterious nature of rats and their connection to bad omens and witchcraft. It is small in size which makes it easy to incorporate into a new or existing art collection and would look great nestled among oddity decor!

Undergrowth has been delicately crafted using single strands of embroidery thread, acrylic paint, sequins and beads on black calico. The leaves and floral elements been backed with felt, allowing them to 'pop' off the fabric.

It is mounted in a wooden "Auburn Hoops" embroidery hoop that I have hand stained and varnished with a black finish. Auburn Hoops utilize an inner plastic hoop to hold the fabric taught within the larger wooden hoop.

- Hoop measures approx 18 x 18 cm (7 x 7 inches) at widest points
- The back has been finished with the 'gathering' method which allows you to remove the fabric and re-frame the piece if you wish
- Signed on back

This hoop has been fitted with a wire on the back so it is ready to hang off of a framing nail or hook (not included with purchase). The hoop not only looks great on the wall, but also propped up on bookshelves and desk spaces.

As this is a piece of art, please be very gentle when handling. Pulling on the threads or bead work may cause damage and disrupt the fabric. Avoid getting your piece wet as this will soil the colours and keep out of direct sunlight. You can gently run a lint roller over the piece if you need to remove any dust.

Before making your final purchase, please familiarise yourself with my store policy page that can be found here. Thank you!